[erlang-questions] [ANN] Rebar3 first stable release 3.0.0

Gleb Peregud gleber.p@REDACTED
Fri Mar 11 11:57:46 CET 2016

This is exciting!

Is the official git repo nowadays https://github.com/erlang/rebar3 ?
Does this mean that rebar is endorsed by OTP team?

On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 8:02 PM, Jesse Gumm <gumm@REDACTED> wrote:
> Awesome! Looking forward to transitioning from rebar2 with my stuff.
> Thanks for all the hard work to make this happen. Following from the
> sidelines on the rebar mailing list has been informative. Now to just get my
> hands dirty after all the hard work is done!
> Cheers!
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> Jesse Gumm
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> On Mar 9, 2016 12:22 PM, "Tristan Sloughter" <t@REDACTED> wrote:
>> We are happy to announce the first stable release of rebar3 with version
>> 3.0.0.
>> A bit over a year ago, we had set out to make rebar great again. We
>> believe we have done it, and now have a solid core on which to build more
>> tools and grow a better community.
>> Now, this doesn't mean there are no things to improve or that the code
>> base is bug-free. It does however mean that we are now committed to
>> backwards compatibility as we move forward with rebar3's next improvements.
>> If you have never tried rebar3, the big item names since rebar 2.x are:
>> repeatable builds with a big commitment to OTP principles
>> commands that know their own dependencies
>> support for profiles, allowing contextual configuration of applications
>> (for example, test dependencies can be kept apart from regular deps)
>> documentation is seen as a feature
>> support for packages through hex.pm
>> new plugin interface and mechanisms, with command namespaces
>> mechanisms to override dependencies' configurations
>> switching releases to relx
>> and a lot of improvements to existing commands such as templates,
>> dialyzer, shell, and so on.
>> You will find documentation and how to get started with rebar3 on the
>> website: http://www.rebar3.org/docs/getting-started
>> For package publishing checkout the documentation on hex.pm:
>> https://hex.pm/docs/rebar3_publish
>> If you feel like getting started, we have had numerous posts about the new
>> features and user experiences:
>> http://ferd.ca/dev/rebar3-shell.html
>> http://blog.erlware.org/rebar3-features-part-1-local-install-and-upgrade/
>> http://blog.erlware.org/rebar3-features-part-2-dependency-tree/
>> http://blog.erlware.org/rebar3-features-part-3-overrides/
>> http://blog.erlware.org/rebar3-features-part-4-profiles/
>> http://blog.erlware.org/rebar3-features-part-5-dependency-branch-handling/
>> http://blog.erlware.org/rebar3-features-part-6-_checkouts-2/
>> http://blog.erlware.org/rebar3-hex-plugin/
>> Heinz Gies wrote about his experience migrating to rebar3 form rebar2 at
>> http://blog.licenser.net/blog/2015/07/10/migrating-to-rebar3/
>> The How I Start Erlang guide was updated to use rebar3:
>> https://howistart.org/posts/erlang/1
>> And a guide about managing package has been written by Bruce Yinhe:
>> https://medium.com/@brucify/using-rebar3-to-manage-erlang-packages-282f78adff1e#.ay10goc0z
>> Lastly, for those who have already adopted the tool, here is what has
>> changed since beta-4:
>> rebar3/902: Less color
>> rebar3/921: Fix error reports on missing include paths
>> rebar3/922: warn on incorrectly specified test options in rebar.config
>> rebar3/923: support temporary cdn change with HEX_CDN os var
>> rebar3/924: only add package list of versions to registry if it has the
>> right build tool support
>> rebar3/925: upgrade eunit_formatters for OTP 18 support
>> rebar3/927: upgrade eunit_formatters to 0.3.1 for OTP18 bug fix
>> rebar3/928: Ct output improvements
>> rebar3/930: Handle force flags in leading position
>> rebar3/934: don't add a provider if the same namespace and name already
>> exists
>> rebar3/935: Default to no eunit formatter if verbose specified
>> rebar3/941: preserve attributes when copying files in rebar_utils:cp_r for
>> unix
>> rebar3/942: special handling of relx configs in profiles
>> rebar3/943: remove backward_compat entry from travis s3
>> rebar3/945: auto-update the registry if a pkg isn't found, fail if it
>> still isn't found
>> rebar3/948: Fix a small bug in the MIB compiler when building dependencies
>> rebar3/949: fetch eunit_formatters config not from the command args but
>> from the config
>> rebar3/963: Tup merge tests
>> rebar3/965: fix tupple merging for realsies.
>> rebar3/966: allow ct suites to be specified at root of project (or root of
>> app)
>> rebar3/967: symlink mib hrl output in apps `include' directories
>> rebar3/970: upgrade certifi to latest release
>> rebar3/982: Allow bootstrap to pick up existing Hex cache and deps
>> rebar3/983: Add support for total code coverage
>> rebar3/986: A bad template index does not crash; shows warning
>> rebar3/987: Plugin templates
>> rebar3/988: Fix wrong relative path resolution
>> rebar3/989: convert ~> versions to highest matching
>> rebar3/991: Upgrade relx to v3.11.0
>> rebar3/992: Bump cth_readable to 1.1.1
>> rebar3/993: contributors -> maintaiers in template app data
>> rebar3/994: warn if the directories eunit' orct' show up in `src_dirs'
>> rebar3/995: Support old-style shell for rebar3 shell
>> rebar3/996: Updates cth_readable so it supports dumb terminals
>> rebar3/999: Fix windows stuff
>> rebar3/1005: only need to compare ref and not ref+url in git resource
>> rebar3/1006: only apply default and prod profile to dependencies
>> rebar3/1007: install project app plugins after discovering them not before
>> rebar3/1008: Unquote templates, add a warning instead.
>> rebar3/1009: merge overlay entries into a single {overlay, list()} for
>> relx
>> rebar3/1010: upgrade relx to 3.12.0
>> rebar3/1012: Remove triple brackets in bbmustache templates
>> rebar3/1013: upgrade bbmustache and relx
>> rebar3/1016: when using the --file' argument toeunit' paths were being
>> converted
>> rebar3/1017: check at runtime instead of compile time for
>> file:list_dir_all/1
>> rebar3/1018: change detection of valid modules for eunit
>> rebar3/1021: convert 'app' to 'application' in eunit_opts to match cmdline
>> args
>> rebar3/1022: Display error message when bad config is loaded
>> rebar3/1023: Rework README and CONTRIBUTING documents
>> rebar3/1024: deduplicate default test set generated by rebar3 eunit
>> rebar3/1025: add unstable install/upgrade instructions to readme
>> rebar3/1029: local install and local upgrade
>> rebar3/1031: add profile option to clean task
>> rebar3/1033: Fix bash completion regression (cf66dfd6ba) and make lopt
>> strings more resilient
>> rebar3/1035: Add module directory to include path
>> rebar3/1041: Add test case for relx overlay vars
>> rebar3/1043: don't strip the project apps when running ct with just a root
>> suite specified
>> rebar3/1045: don't lose overrides in an app when installing plugins it
>> uses
>> rebar3/1046: add user-agent to http request headers
>> rebar3/1047: Ignore unknown warning when dialyzer < 2.8
>> rebar3/1048: Add secondary hook for rebar_prv_compile
>> rebar3/1050: check top level config for minimum or blacklisted otps at
>> start
>> rebar3/1053: upgrade relx to 3.15.0
>> rebar3/1061: Make lock files future-proof
>> rebar3/1062: update relx to 3.16.0 to include color intesity update
>> rebar3/1065: give top level plugin providers precedence over default
>> providers
>> rebar3/1066: Bump cth_readable
>> rebar3/1067: set default color intensity to high
>> rebar3/1068: upgrade relx to 3.17.0
>> rebar3/1070: Hex improvements
>> rebar3/1071: break up do/1 function in install_deps to make upgrade less
>> confusing
>> rebar3/1073: Support --setcookie option
>> rebar3/1075: add project_providers after initing default providers but
>> allow overrides
>> rebar3/1076: Add me to THANKS for suffering through Tristan's code
>> rebar3/1082: Fixed rebar.config shell_apps setting
>> rebar3/1090: fix auto-registry update to work even when not a locked
>> pkg-vsn
>> rebar3/1091: Run all hooks
>> rebar3/1092: Add short-options to the eunit provider.
>> rebar3/1098: error on a cover spec in ct_opts
>> rebar3/1099: add support for common tests include flag
>> rebar3/1100: Fix quoting problem in zsh completion
>> rebar3/1101: Take CT options errors and turn them to warnings
>> rebar3/1102: include project_plugins in plugins that can be upgraded
>> rebar3/1103: bump certifi to 0.4.0
>> rebar3/1104: move dialyze setting of debug_info to overrides in profile
>> rebar3/1106: define the 'EUNIT' macro in the test profile
>> rebar3/1107: upgrade cth_readable
>> rebar3/1108: make omar happy
>> rebar3/1110: pass loglevel used in rebar3 to relx
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