[erlang-questions] Sending fun/1 over the network and apply/2 failure

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Mon Jul 25 15:47:23 CEST 2016

I did some experiments for ”fun” a couple of years ago.
This can surely be used for some non critical applications.

You can modify the error_handler.erl ( global or per use )

Change undefined_lambda/3 to:

undefined_lambda(Module, Fun, Args) ->
    case ensure_loaded(Module) of
        {module, Module} ->
            %% There is no need (and no way) to test if the fun is present.
            %% apply/2 will not call us again if the fun is missing.
            apply(Fun, Args);
        {module, _} ->
            crash(Fun, Args);
        _Other ->
            {pid,Pid} = erlang:fun_info(Fun,pid),
            case try_load_remote_code(Pid,Module) of
                ok ->
                    case ensure_loaded(Module) of
                        {module, Module} ->
                            apply(Fun, Args);
                        _ ->
                            crash(Fun, Args)
                _ ->
                    crash(Fun, Args)

and add the function to load remote code.

%% Try load code from remote node
try_load_remote_code(Pid,Module) ->
    if node() =:= node(Pid) ->
            ok;  %% no need to load
       true ->
            case rpc:call(node(Pid),code,get_object_code,[Module]) of
                {Module, Binary, Filename} ->
                    case code:load_binary(Module,Filename,Binary) of
                        {module,Module} -> ok;
                        _ -> error
                error -> error

Home assignment: Wrap Funs with a resource handle ( https://github.com/tonyrog/resource ) the will enable garbage collection of
the code. :-)


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>> Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] Sending fun/1 over the network and apply/2 failure
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>> If you want to make this work you just have to make sure that all
>> nodes have the same
>> version of the module(s) concerned. I guess just should be in quotes
>> (ie "just") since
>> this is very difficult (having 2 different versions of code on one
>> node is just about
>> understandable) but doing this over multiple nodes is far more difficult.
>> The "send the same code to all machines - then restart" strategy is
>> just about the
>> easiest way to make this work.
> Hi, Joe-
> yes that's what I ended up doing. I put the code into the module, send it over, upgrade, and then run the fun....
> And it works, I was assuming previously that since I was sending an anon function it would work but I guess due to reasons pointed out by Mikael this didn't work...
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