[erlang-questions] possible dialyzer bug

Zachary Kessin <>
Mon Jan 25 15:09:39 CET 2016

I have a strange dialyzer problem, I have this code

                  case convert_map_to_record(MapId, UserId, ClientId,
Terms) of
                      {ok, MapRecord} ->
                          {true, ReqData1, MapRecord};
                      {error, Error} ->
                          lager:error("Error ~p", [Error]),
                          {{error, 405}, ReqData, State}

and dialyzer is saying this

 100: The pattern {'ok', MapRecord} can never match the type {'error',_}

With what is line 100 being the line with the red background, what is
strange is that that the error case is covered in the case statement

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