[erlang-questions] Why we need a -module() attribute?

derek <>
Wed Feb 17 18:38:35 CET 2016

that -module(). line sound like redundant, if it can be mismatched,
why can't it be omitted?
compiler can derive the module name from the filename anyway; Java
also made that filename has to match class name, that is a design
mistake and unnecessary requirement, to my opinion;

or on the other hand, if -module() is proved to be useful, why not
just ignore the filename, and always use what's defined in -module()?
in many modern language design like Go and Elixir, it's allowed to
define multiple Class/Module in one file, this will be really

%% file1.erl

%% [content of module1]


%% [content of module2]



On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 6:26 AM, Joe Armstrong <> wrote:
> Well suppose you sent the *content* of the file in a message - how
> would the receiver
> know the name of the module?.
> Actually the module attribute and file name don't have to be the same - but
> if they are not you'll break the autoloading mechanism. If the file name and
> module name are different you should know exactly what you're doing :-)
> Cheers
> /Joe
> On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 10:45 AM, Konstantin Vsochanov <> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I’m working with Erlang for two years now and enjoy every day of using
>> it. However, there are some strange  features I’m wondering about. One
>> of them -module() attribute.
>>  The module name is strictly defined by the name of the .erl file. You
>> can’t change module name with -module() attribute. But the the -module()
>> attribute is mandatory. Why? Why we need -module() attribute at all?
>> Maybe we can make -module() optional in next Erlang release? So we don’t
>> need to repeat file name in first string of every .erl file. Or maybe I
>> miss something important?
>> Feedback is appreciated!
>> - Konstantin Voschanov
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