[erlang-questions] simple_one_for_one supervisor: strange error when stopping node

Alex S. <>
Wed Dec 21 18:39:25 CET 2016

As a followup, the following insights from OTP 19’s source code:

	    %% If a naughty child did unlink and the child dies before
	    %% monitor the result will be that shutdown/2 receives a 
	    %% 'DOWN'-message with reason noproc.
	    %% If the child should die after the unlink there
	    %% will be a 'DOWN'-message with a correct reason
	    %% that will be handled in shutdown/2. 

> 21 дек. 2016 г., в 19:57, Frank Muller <> написал(а):
> Spent another day fighting with this, no luck.
> Even after applying this trick from angner’s repo, I’m still seeing these error message: 
> https://github.com/agner/agner/blob/master/src/agner_app.erl#L17-L17 <https://github.com/agner/agner/blob/master/src/agner_app.erl#L17-L17>
> Can someone at least (OTP guys) explain me the « why » i’m getting these messages please?
> /Frank
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