[erlang-questions] simple_one_for_one supervisor: strange error when stopping node

Alex S. <>
Wed Dec 21 18:32:27 CET 2016

The only thing I can say about this is that the trick is dated; it’s been a long time since simple_one_for_one supervisors wait for their children synchronously.

The reason for the observed behaviour might happen IF the children are unlinked (or indeed, never were linked) to the parent process. Then trying to monitor some of the long-dead children reports exit reason «noproc».

Check if the children are linked properly.
> 21 дек. 2016 г., в 19:57, Frank Muller <> написал(а):
> Spent another day fighting with this, no luck.
> Even after applying this trick from angner’s repo, I’m still seeing these error message: 
> https://github.com/agner/agner/blob/master/src/agner_app.erl#L17-L17 <https://github.com/agner/agner/blob/master/src/agner_app.erl#L17-L17>
> Can someone at least (OTP guys) explain me the « why » i’m getting these messages please?
> /Frank
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