[erlang-questions] How to build erlang without wxWindows?

Todd Greenwood-Geer <>
Tue Dec 20 01:46:20 CET 2016

1. Desktop builds fail on Ubuntu 16.04

I'm was trying to build Erlang 19.2 on my desktop (ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS) 
and ran into trouble with linking in various libraries/apps:

* sometimes openssl is found, sometimes not...
* turns out you specifying the path to the --with-javac=... isn't used 
at all. But updating your  PATH to include the jdk directory works

After spinning my wheels for a half day, I thought I'd try building 
something that worked, or at least used to work... vagrant-erlang. This 
way I could create repeatable builds, share them, and/or ask for help...

2. Vagrant builds fail on Ubuntu 12.04

vagrant-erlang, without modifications, fails b/c the paths to kerl have 
changed. I forked the repo to resolve these issues here:


This project is building R16B03 on Ubuntu 12.04... once I get this 
working, I'd like to move forward to 19.2 on Ubuntu 16x...

I've updated the kerl paths, but I cannot successfully disable wx from 
the build, nor can I install an acceptable version of wx...

3. Failed work-arounds

* Adding the wxWindows libraries to this VM

Unfortunately, wx2.8 is available in the apt-repos, but
the build requires >= 2.8.4.

* Removing wx from the list of enabled applications

I have tried to remove this via kerl options as:


or as:

* KERL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="... --without-wx"

But the build keeps failing trying to build wx... ???

The log file shows all:


Note, the ./lib/wx/SKIP file was created, it just doesn't seem to matter 
to the build...

Any help is appreciated. Feel free to try out the Vagrant file yourself...

I'll keep iterating on this project, as I'd eventually like to have this 
building 19.2 with/without wxWindows... eventually a statically linked 
binary (no ext deps like openssl! Though the jdk will probably always be 


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