[erlang-questions] escript: faster startup and connect to TargetNode

Richard Carlsson <>
Mon Dec 19 15:04:08 CET 2016

2016-12-19 10:37 GMT+01:00 Frank Muller <>:

> These confirm your assumptions. So the "connect" is where most of the time
> is spent.
> Q: is there another way to make the "connect" quicker (undocumented
> calls)? Or, any another way to connect to a node?

I'll leave that answer to someone trained in the dark arts of networks. But
again, it might be useful to do some basic measurements to see if it's
reasonable to think that the connection time is slow. What are the ping
times between the machines? When already connected, how long does an
Erlang-level net_adm:ping() roundtrip take? How fast can some other
comparable tools do a request-reply roundtrip? Et cetera.

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