[erlang-questions] Troubling gen_tcp.send/3 performance

Sergej Jurečko <>
Sun Dec 4 08:23:09 CET 2016

On 4 Dec 2016, at 04:42, Matthew Shapiro <> wrote:
> So I guess VLC is doing something funky on localhost connections that is making prim_inet.send/3 to go into waiting.

There is only one thing that could be happening, VLC is not reading data from the socket fast enough, causing your side to block. 

Unless there is a bug in windows (or any possible virtualization if it is being used), which is possible as we've encountered it once and it resulted in similar behavior. 

I think your problems have pretty much nothing to do with erlang/elixir.

This is a bit off topic, but why RTMP? Pretty much everything is or has moved to HLS/DASH. HLS especially will work on practically every client (all major browsers, all relevant mobiles). 


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