[erlang-questions] Patch package OTP 18.3.2 released

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Wed Apr 27 16:43:57 CEST 2016

On 04/27, Henrik Nord X wrote:
> --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---
>  OTP-13511    Application(s): ssl
>               Corrections to cipher suite handling using the 3 and 4
>               tuple format in addition to commit
>               89d7e21cf4ae988c57c8ef047bfe85127875c70c

Well that is tricky now since it appears there is no longer any fix that 
allows to support all versions at once with a single configuration.

I could get a config going in pre 18.3 by submitting 3-tuples. I could 
get 18.3 to work by using all tuples, looking for what was supported, 
and submitting the 3-tuple version no matter what.

In 18.3.2, I *must* submit the 4-tuple version in this case, which can 
work, but I still get some odd failures, specifically around 
{rsa,aes_256_gcm,null,sha384} which still does not work with the new 

    37> lists:member({rsa,aes_256_gcm,null,sha384},ssl:cipher_suites()).
    38> ssl_cipher:suite({rsa,aes_256_gcm,null,sha384}).
    ** exception error: no function clause matching 
    ssl_cipher:suite({rsa,aes_256_gcm,null,sha384}) (ssl_cipher.erl, line 
    39> ssl_cipher:suite({rsa,aes_256_gcm,null}).

So this suite is supported, but cannot be checked there in a specific 
manner and requires a special case because it still only works with the 
3-tuple as input -- and there may be more of these.

It seems like the patch is not properly covering all cases?

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