[erlang-questions] Should we deprecate or modernize log_mf_h and rb?

Tim Stewart tim@REDACTED
Thu Apr 7 00:03:52 CEST 2016


I use log_mf_h and rb every day, and I am quite fond of them.

My systems are usually configured with both lager and log_mf_h.  SASL +
log_mf_h pick up all of the "core" OTP-based reports (info, warning, error,
crash, supervisor, progress) and lager is used by our applications for
application-level logging.  Since lager also picks up reports and messages
created by error_logger, our support team can monitor only a single
*line-based* log file to find problems.

Then, when we get actual crashes I turn to report browser for nicely
formatted reports.  In my opinion, rb's formatted reports are easier to
read than lager's crash.log.  I have error_logger configured to use only
lager and log_mf_h handlers so that we are relatively protected from a high
error_logger volume.

And, as Éric Pailleau mentioned, log_mf_h is the backend for Observer's log
support.  I also use this feature.

I would be sad to see log_mf_h disappear.  I would *love* to see more GUI
support for reading and searching through these logs (additional Observer
support, web UI, etc.)

Anyway, I hope this helps.


On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 4:49 AM, Stefan Grundmann <sg2342@REDACTED>

> Hi
> log_mf_h is used in appliance systems we build at $work because it
> implements binary logging and log rotation and because it is
> part of OTP.
> We also have projects where lager is used but only because it
> was pulled as a dependency of $other_stuff and we did not yet spend the
> time
> to replace it.
> sg
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