[erlang-questions] Should we deprecate or modernize log_mf_h and rb?

Adam Rutkowski hq@REDACTED
Sun Apr 3 00:21:24 CEST 2016

On Fri, Apr 1, 2016, at 12:43, Siri Hansen wrote:
> Are you using log_mf_h (e.g. by setting environment variables
> 'error_logger_mf_*' in sasl) and rb? If so, why - is it the log
> rotation or the binary logging (or both) that you are really after?
> Have you considered alternative tools?
Report browser was one of the first "wow factors" for me, I was shipping
for enterprise sysops people and they absolutely loved it. I doubt what
I've worked on will be ever upgraded from R14 though. I support Loic's
idea to keep it, but extract it from the OTP.
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