[erlang-questions] Basho joins Advanced Erlang Initiative - Workshop schedule updated

Mickaël Rémond <>
Mon Oct 19 12:16:33 CEST 2015


We are happy to announce that Basho Technologies Inc. is joining Advanced Erlang Initiative. Basho is renowned for its highly resilient, available and massively scalable NoSQL distributed database product line. Developed in Erlang, these tools have been widely used and are helping Erlang based products earn recognition well outside of the Erlang community.

When Advanced Erlang Initiative was launched last June, it was clear that the ecosystem of Erlang products was vibrant.
We had already received good feedback about the initiative. The first Workshop, organised by Quviq early this month was a success (videos of the talks  are coming soon).

With Basho joining the effort, we are proud to grow the interest around such an initiative. We have now gathered a group of four Erlang companies building Erlang products and working together to promote their work.

We are also adding a new Advanced Erlang workshop on our schedule. Basho’s Bryan Hunt, Solutions Architect, will be leading the Basho Advanced Erlang workshop schedule which will take place on December 9th in London.

Let's meet during one of our workshops on one of the following topic: Quickcheck, ejabberd, Cowboy or Riak.
The schedule is available on Advanced Erlang website: http://advanced-erlang.com/workshops/


Advanced Erlang Initiative Members

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