[erlang-questions] epgsql help

David Welton <>
Wed Oct 14 20:33:47 CEST 2015


A while back, I started a project on github to try and maintain one
'good' version of the epgsql Postgres driver.  I recently started a
new job where I'm not using Erlang any more (well, not yet...), so I
don't use epgsql day to day. I try and look at it from time to time,
but I could use a little extra help if anyone's interested.  There's
not a ton of work, mostly just correcting the occasional bug, or
adding support for various Postgres types.


There's also a smaller, newer, more experimental codebase with the aim
of actually providing something that your average end user can just
drop in and use, without worrying so much about having to roll their
own code for when the DB goes down or when they need a pool of DB


The best way to get involved would be to sign up for the very low
traffic Google group:


Thank you!
David N. Welton



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