[erlang-questions] Is Erlang ideal for a global exchange?

xu xiut xiut.xu@REDACTED
Mon Jan 19 18:01:54 CET 2015

For those who were wondering what type of exchange I'm wanting to build,
it's a bitcoin exchange with derivative contracts. I asked in the IRC room
for some more input, and here's what I received:

re:failure semantics of Erlang not being appropriate for an exchange
< tristan_1> failure/recovery in Erlang has nothing to do with that
< tristan_1> no matter the language/framework you have to decide how to
handle these things. there isn't a way you can possible write a program
that it won't crash at some point

< asonge> you can design your app so that you log all requests, and make
sure that is as tight as possible, and that you can replay them if there's
a crash (for instance)

There was an interesting suggestion to use OCaml or Haskell instead of
< digitalmentat> I would pick a language that gives more formal
verification of the software properties
< digitalmentat> Haskell and OCaml would be great picks
< digitalmentat> I use Haskell in production for my startup and 80% of the
dumb shit humans do (including me) is caught by that language's type-system
< digitalmentat> anything financial is a risky business to get into and
most developers aren't aware of the social impact nor the legal
ramifications if they fuck something up

My question is, would Dialyzer not be able to offer equivalent
Would using Erlang as a wrapper around a well-typed core work out okay,
does anyone here have experience they could share on this? I've never done
this, so it would be a completely new process for me.
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