[erlang-questions] your first choice?

Fri Feb 20 13:34:50 CET 2015

> yaws or mochiweb?

not mochiweb (too complicated)

> mnesia or mongoDB?

not mongo. simply not.
mnesia seems natural/native solution (at least for the beginning)

> XML or JSon?

not XML.
XML is just another name of the Void.
no kidding.
saying XML you specify nothing.

JSON is a subset of JS.
it is very convenient for browsers. i use it.
also, sometimes i use JS to convey info from my server to a client
(for example: "foo(a1,a2,a3);")

> intellij idea or eclipse?

not eclipse. it is atrocious!

> Win or Linux

are you kidding????

i enjoy the zxq9's answer -- very thoughtful.

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