[erlang-questions] Process scope variable

Imants Cekusins imantc@REDACTED
Fri Feb 20 03:31:55 CET 2015

> The way I understand it, the thing about doing refactoring at speed
is having tool support, whether it's static verification, good unit
testing, or both, that lets you rapidly check each small step that
it hasn't broken anything.

> Having most of your functions with one uninformative specification
seems to me like a recipe for making refactoring error-prone.

So far the time spent between debugging and checking signatures was ~
100hr = 20:80%

Now I expect  ~
50hr = 80:20%

- is still worth the change

> actual chunks of the code you are actually trying to work on.
sorry, I can't. commercial closed source.

pure   :: In -> Out
reader :: Pid -> In -> Out
writer :: Pid -> In -> Out

> I *cannot* distinguish a function that just reads the state from a
function that changes it.

renaming functions is very quick process. I can add very long comments, too.

>> I tried writing in the traditional way. It took me too long.

> This is a fact about you now and your previous experience.
It is not a fact about Erlang or about practices.

yes, I've been writing about my own experience all the time. I did not
try to evaluate the language or common development standards. I tried
to find an answer to my problem.

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