[erlang-questions] Streaming a folder from one node to another

zxq9 zxq9@REDACTED
Sun Dec 20 05:12:55 CET 2015

On 2015年12月19日 土曜日 23:05:11 Mark Steele wrote:
> Hi all,
> Really quick question. What do you folks recommend if you need to stream a
> folder (that might be arbitrarily big) from one node to another in a
> cluster (from within Erlang)

A separate connection (do *not* do this within the disterl connection).

Beyond that, whatever feels appropriate. Do you need to be able to restart in
the middle if there is a failure, is a partial failure OK, is restarting the
entire transfer OK instead, etc? Should this be throttled in some way based
on an external input?

There are a lot of little details that might come into play. If you just
read/write file->socket->file in a naive way it would work fine, but file
transfer requirements are usually a tiny bit more involved than that.


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