[erlang-questions] Jenkins

Michael Martin mmartin4242@REDACTED
Fri Dec 18 21:35:04 CET 2015

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a Jenkins CI server on which to build my project. 
I'm brand new to Jenkins (as an administrator -
I've been around Jenkins and Hudson before it for some years), and am 
having some difficulty with github. Hopefully
someone here has been through this before and has an answer.

I'm building the project with emake. When I kick off a build (script 
that runs "make clean && make"), my repository
is cloned just fine, but the dependencies don't - github kicks me off 
every time. Here's the job log:

Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Nebula/workspace
  > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
  > git config remote.origin.urlhttp://github.com/building39/nebula2.git  # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes fromhttp://github.com/building39/nebula2.git
  > git --version # timeout=10
using GIT_SSH to set credentials
using .gitcredentials to set credentials
  > git config --local credential.username building39 # timeout=10
  > git config --local credential.helper store --file=/tmp/git8309391135389932287.credentials # timeout=10
  > git -c core.askpass=true fetch --tags --progresshttp://github.com/building39/nebula2.git  +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
  > git config --local --remove-section credential # timeout=10
  > git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/develop^{commit} # timeout=10
  > git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/origin/develop^{commit} # timeout=10
Checking out Revision f03e718ab443c4065cd7e93c74e5b04ae274329e (refs/remotes/origin/develop)
  > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
  > git checkout -f f03e718ab443c4065cd7e93c74e5b04ae274329e
  > git rev-list f03e718ab443c4065cd7e93c74e5b04ae274329e # timeout=10
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson3671066196778207128.sh
+ make clean
  GEN    clean-app
+ make
Cloning into '/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Nebula/workspace/deps/lager'...
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
/bin/sh: 1: cd: can't cd to /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Nebula/workspace/deps/lager
make: *** [/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Nebula/workspace/deps/lager] Error 2
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Finished: FAILURE

Any ideas how to fix the Jenkins job configuration so that it can 
successfully clone the dependencies?


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