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It's real life example, about lisp, but lisp and Erlang have similar nature.

(Yes, CL doesn't support 'let it crash', but anyway they are similar.)

An even more impressive instance of remote debugging occurred on NASA's
1998 Deep Space 1 mission. A half year after the space craft launched, a
bit of Lisp code was going to control the spacecraft for two days while
conducting a sequence of experiments. Unfortunately, a subtle race
condition in the code had escaped detection during ground testing and was
already in space. When the bug manifested in the wild--100 million miles
away from Earth--the team was able to diagnose and fix the running code,
allowing the experiments to complete.14 One of the programmers described it
as follows:

Debugging a program running on a $100M piece of hardware that is 100
million miles away is an interesting experience. Having a read-eval-print
loop running on the spacecraft proved invaluable in finding and fixing the

This is from 'practical common lisp' book. Also original link from JPL:

On Dec 12, 2015 4:22 PM, "Wojtek Narczyński" <wojtek@REDACTED> wrote:

> On 12.12.2015 08:02, Martin wrote:
> So my question is:
> Do you think that there are times when Adas philosophy is better then
> Erlang, in a real time system, or is  the Erlang model always better?
> For life critical systems (lifts, trains, aircrafts), Ada philosophy is,
> to put it gently, better. Bare Ada won't get you there, AdaCore was
> referring to SPARK (Ada + annotations + proofs). But it is also very hard
> to do.
> For Lego Mindstorms, you will be fine with Prolog or Erlang. Or Curry.
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