[erlang-questions] UDP concurrent server

Bogdan Andu bog495@REDACTED
Wed Dec 9 10:39:27 CET 2015

following the thread

as it seems that POSt to topic does not work

After more tests the basic questions that remains ..

Is there a way to have more than one process be blocked
in gen_udp:recv/2 call as this seems to not be possible,
probably because the way udp sockets work.

Sequentially works as expected, but when when I try to spawn another process
that makes and attempt to execute gen_udp:recv/2 while the first process
already does
gen_udp:recv/2 , the second process gives elready error. This means that 2
cannot concurrently do gen_udp:recv/2 .

In scenario with socket {active, once} or {active, true} there is only one
process that can
receive the message from socket (the one that does gen_udp:open/2 ),
and for multi-threaded applications this quickly can become a bottleneck.
In this case, however, elready error disappears of course.
I tried both variants and both have disavantages.

Is there an idiom for designing a udp concurrent server in Erlang?
So far, it seems impossible.
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