[erlang-questions] avoiding duplicate headers in cowboy

Garry Hodgson garry@REDACTED
Tue Dec 1 19:38:46 CET 2015

I've got an application where I'm using cowboy to build what is,
in effect, a web proxy. It accepts http/s requests, makes some
decisions about whether and where to forward, then makes its
own request of the final endpoint and returns results. it was
originally written in webmachine and then ported to cowboy.

everything works fine, but for one small nit. it appears that
cowboy automagically adds its own headers to the returned
results, which causes duplicate headers for server, content-type,
and content-length, as seen below.

is there some way to avoid this?

$ curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/v0/log/logs?maxrecords=1 -k -H 
"$Creds"  -v
* About to connect() to localhost port 8080 (#0)
*   Trying connected
* Connected to localhost ( port 8080 (#0)
 > GET /v0/log/logs?maxrecords=1 HTTP/1.1
 > User-Agent: curl/7.19.7 (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.19.7 
NSS/3.19.1 Basic ECC zlib/1.2.3 libidn/1.18 libssh2/1.4.2
 > Host: localhost:8080
 > Accept: */*
 > Authorization:  Bearer bc18fb0f-4b1f-493e-823c-fbefa0383e91
< HTTP/1.1 200 OK
< connection: keep-alive
< server: Cowboy
< date: Tue, 01 Dec 2015 17:34:29 GMT
< content-length: 71
< content-type: application/json
< connection: Keep-Alive
< date: Tue, 01 Dec 2015 17:34:30 GMT
< server: AT&T SECWEB 2.1.0
< content-length: 71
< content-type: application/json
< x-powered-by: PHP/5.4.28
< keep-alive: timeout=5, max=100
* Connection #0 to host localhost left intact
* Closing connection #0
{"error":"Not found","error_description":"Could not read token in CTS"}

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