[erlang-questions] Issue with failover/takeover

Akash Chowdhury achowdhury918@REDACTED
Fri Oct 10 04:28:50 CEST 2014

I am using failover/takeover feature of distributed erlang. I have primary
and secondary node in a group. Most of the times, my app is running on the
primary node and secondary node is in-active. But sometimes, I am seeing
that my app is running on both nodes simultaneously which is not expected
behavior. I know this can happen when there is a netsplit (network
disconnection) between two nodes. But that didn't happen in my case. From
system stats, it was confirmed that network connection was intact. What can
be other causes for this? I see the following error message in primary node
log when this issue happened :

*=ERROR REPORT==== ...*>>>* ** Node<secondary node> not responding ***>>>*
** Removing (timedout) connection ***>>>

Any information/help regarding this will be highly appreciated.

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