[erlang-questions] Why does Dialyzer crash on this map?

Kostis Sagonas <>
Tue Nov 25 22:37:46 CET 2014

On 11/25/2014 06:20 PM, Ivan Uemlianin wrote:
> Just tried this at home on my Mac, and Dialyzer Dialyzes ltu.erl with no
> problem.
> The work machine that displayed the error below is a FreeBSD machine.
> Both machines run the same version of Dialyzer (2.7.2); both obvs have a
> 17.x erlang but the BSD might be a bit older.

Both your mail above and the original one below are sufficiently vague 
to do something about them.  Please understand that it's very hard for 
others to investigate what's happening without proper information.

For example, AFAIK there is no Erlang/OTP release named 17.x.  Instead 
on http://www.erlang.org/download.html you can find 17.0, 17.1, and 
17.3.  On github (https://github.com/erlang/otp/releases) one can find 
17.0-rc1, 17.0-rc2, 17.0, 17.0.1, 17.0.2, 17.1, 17.1.1, 17.1.2, 17.2, 
17.2.1, 17.2.2, 17.3, 17.3.1, 17.3.2, and then there are the various 
maint code bases.  How do you expect somebody to guess or investigate on 
which of all these the problem you are seeing might exist?  Especially 
without mentioning at first that this is on a FreeBSD machine, which is 
not the most common of platforms and therefore cannot possibly reproduce 
what you are experiencing?

> On 25/11/2014 15:13, Ivan Uemlianin wrote:
>> Dear All
>> Running Dialyzer on the module below crashes Dialyzer with the error
>> following: .... <SNIP>

Anyway, it may be worthwhile for you to check whether this is 
reproducible on your FreeBSD machine using some "official" OTP release 
(this means 17.0, 17.1 or 17.3) and if so whether the *same* release 
also shows this problem on your Mac or not. Under normal circumstances, 
Dialyzer should not have any dependency on the OS.  If it does then this 
most likely exposes a bug in OTP itself on that platform and should be 
investigated further.  Hence this mail.


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