[erlang-questions] Best practices for QAing distribution?

Christopher Phillips <>
Tue Nov 25 18:18:05 CET 2014

Does anyone have a library or a set of best practices for testing
netsplits? I.e., given a couple nodes, create a netsplit between them and
see what one's distributed application ~really~ does in such a situation?
I've looked around a bit online but my google-fu has failed me, as I wasn't
able to find anything that seemed to do what I'm looking for, either in
Erlang specifically, or just in a general application sense (there's
Jepsen, but that seems geared for testing generic distribution libraries in
a basic sense, rather than domain specific code, and I'm not very good with
Clojure) which seems...odd. I've got some ideas,  but figured I'd ask
around to see if anyone has done anything similar first.
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