[erlang-questions] SSL error for valid(?) certificate

Andreas Schultz <>
Tue Nov 11 10:29:16 CET 2014


----- On 11 Nov, 2014, at 04:40, Ryan Brown  wrote:

> Hi all. I have a client that appears to have a legitimate ssl cert but I am
> getting the error seen here ( http://pastebin.com/2TTGAQDm ) when attempting to
> post to it's endpoint. It is dying in public_cert.erl in a place that does not
> seem to offer me any insight. Just curious if anybody had seen anything like
> this before.

The error indicates that your certificate is signed with sha384WithRSAEncryption.
I'm not sure what the earliest version that supports that algorithm is, but any version
that supports TLS 1.2 should have it. That is definitely R16B03, R15B03 might also
Also, make sure the underlying OpenSSL version has sha384 support enabled.


> Thanks.
> -rb
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