[erlang-questions] What can I only do in Erlang?

Mark Nijhof <>
Wed Nov 5 01:24:41 CET 2014

Cheeky, but the only thing you can do in Erlang and not in any other
language is write Erlang code (except for Elixir I guess) ;)

Besides that I think the whole let it crash philosophy is what makes Erlang
stand-out from the others, most if not all language features do exist in
other languages. And OTP is of course a huge corner stone that you don't
find in many other languages.


On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 1:18 AM, Curtis J Schofield (ram9) <>

> I am working on getting Erlang/Elixir adopted into our company. I've
> been asked to provide a simple example of something that your can only
> do in erlang.
> My reason for pushing to adopt this in our tech stack is that much of
> the system code I've written I feel I could write easier in Erlang and
> do it faster. I feel like one of the unique offerings of erlang
> relates to distributed computing or OTP reliable systems.
> Does anyone have thoughts on this question ? "What can I do in Erlang
> that I can't do in another language?"
> Ideally it would be something small that I could use as a demonstration.
> Thank you for any thoughts.
> Curtis
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