[erlang-questions] Visual Erlang notation v0.1.0 - feedback request

Torben Hoffmann torben.hoffmann@REDACTED
Fri May 2 09:21:54 CEST 2014


As I have mentioned before I have been working on a visual notation for Erlang and
although it is not complete yet I have received requests to release it anyway, so
here goes...


One extra thing missing from the to-do list is state data for processes.

I would like some feedback on how you feel the abstraction level is.
The purpose of Visual Erlang is not to be able to specify every little detail of what
happens in an Erlang program, but to give a way to describe the architecture.

Once I have updated the Erlang Concurrency Patterns that Jesper and I have been
working on to the new Visual Erlang notation we will release them as well.

The original plan for the patterns was to use Object-Process Methodology as the
notation, but I was adviced (and thanks for that) to invent an Erlang specific
notation since OPM has some corners that hurts for Erlang.

Right now the only way to draw Visual Erlang diagrams is by hand or use the LaTeX
macros I have created, but since Visual Erlang has a 1:1 mapping between the visuals
and a textual notation my hope is that we can create a tool that can create a diagram
from the textual notation.

Going even further I dream of having a tool that extracts the Visual Erlang notation
from the code in an interactive manner, where the user can guide what to abstract and
what to just leave totally out.

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