[erlang-questions] mnesia can not connect to itself

Anders Nygren anders.nygren@REDACTED
Fri Mar 28 15:12:33 CET 2014

I found the cause of this error, we are using Ulf's unsplit application and
it crashes on bag tables leaving all the tables locked.

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 9:31 AM, Anders Nygren <anders.nygren@REDACTED>wrote:

> We have two nodes n@REDACTED and n@REDACTED, on Ubuntu and Erlang R15B01 with
> mnesia running on both and all tables have replicas on both nodes. When we
> disconnect host1 from the network and wait until we get mnesia down
> messages on both nodes, mnesia writes are performed on both nodes during
> this time. When we reconnect the network connection on host1, we sometimes
> get the following.
> On one node mnesia reports that mnesia on both nodes are running. But on
> the other node mnesia reports that mnesia is running on that node, but that
> it is stopped on the other node. We also get a large number of the
> following
> *=ERROR REPORT==== 27-Mar-2014::06:51:56 ===*
> *Mnesia('n@REDACTED'): ** ERROR ** Mnesia on 'n@REDACTED' could not connect to
> node(s) ['n@REDACTED']*
> Note that it is trying to connect to itself.
> 1, Is this just an error in the log message?
> 2, or is this a sign of some deeper issue?
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