[erlang-questions] mnesia can not connect to itself

Anders Nygren anders.nygren@REDACTED
Thu Mar 27 16:31:45 CET 2014

We have two nodes n@REDACTED and n@REDACTED, on Ubuntu and Erlang R15B01 with
mnesia running on both and all tables have replicas on both nodes. When we
disconnect host1 from the network and wait until we get mnesia down
messages on both nodes, mnesia writes are performed on both nodes during
this time. When we reconnect the network connection on host1, we sometimes
get the following.

On one node mnesia reports that mnesia on both nodes are running. But on
the other node mnesia reports that mnesia is running on that node, but that
it is stopped on the other node. We also get a large number of the

*=ERROR REPORT==== 27-Mar-2014::06:51:56 ===*

*Mnesia('n@REDACTED'): ** ERROR ** Mnesia on 'n@REDACTED' could not connect to
node(s) ['n@REDACTED']*

Note that it is trying to connect to itself.

1, Is this just an error in the log message?

2, or is this a sign of some deeper issue?
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