[erlang-questions] [ANN] erl-min-prj -- Easy way to create a .deb package + minimal project template

Alexander Alexeev mail@REDACTED
Wed Mar 12 09:19:18 CET 2014

Sure, since EPM was designed as drop-in replacement for FPM, you can
just create a symlink to epm named fpm. In theory it will work just
fine. Unfortunately for now it doesn't. See my bugreport to EPM.

Also FPM seems to have more features than EPM. I've used FPM for a long
time and didn't encountered any problems which EPM claims to solve. So
for now it seems reasonable to use well known and stable FPM instead of

However I will be happy to get rid of FPM in favor of EPM when EPM will
reach sufficient maturity.

> You really offer to install additionally ruby just for making package
> when making it in erlang takes just several lines:
> https://github.com/flussonic/epm/blob/master/epm.erl#L241
> and without any additional dependencies like librpm for making rpm?!

Best regards,
Alexander Alexeev

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