[erlang-questions] No JSON/MAPS interoperability in 17.0?

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Mon Mar 10 15:54:52 CET 2014

Could you elaborate on what the dominant usage of JSON is?

Loïc Hoguin

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>On 09 Mar 2014, at 17:05, Anthony Ramine <n.oxyde@REDACTED> wrote:
>> What about the utter lack of proper specifications around JSON?
>JSON is fully specified in RFC 7159.
>> The fact that you always have to think about where the JSON will be injected?
>Why would you need to think about that?  JSON is usually transported using a data-transparent transfer mechanism such as HTTP.
>If it isn’t, you may need some help from an application-specific library, but that is irrelevant for the dominant usage of JSON.
>> What about a JSON-encoded string containing "</script>", should that be avoided by Erlang’s builtin parser? What about "]]>"? What about the two characters that are accepted in JSON but not in JavaScript?
>The news here may be that in the present decade JSON rarely is transported inside HTML documents or converted into JavaScript for parsing.  So all this is entirely irrelevant.
>> Just because other languages include such a thing doesn’t mean Erlang should too.
>Of course that would be a weak reason.  But it's a straw man.
>The reason for supporting JSON at the standard library level is that JSON is the most widely used format to interchange data.
>Not having it is fine for a language that doesn’t care about interchanging data.
>Grüße, Carsten
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