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I started http://introducingerlang.com right after EF2014 in San Francisco. It's intended to be a really short and simple introduction to Erlang for people who know how to program in other languages but don't know Erlang. I have a mostly documented OTP application (uses Gordon Guthrie's "literate Erlang" markup) with a supervisor, gen_server and application modules here:


I would welcome any help finishing the documentation of the modules in that repo or extending/correcting/fixing the web content that's already there. I can add you directly to the github organization.



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Re: Garrett's great talk at EUC2014

The point has been made many times before that
"There are no easy Erlang getting started guides"

So I thought I'd take a look at Node.js.

The node js home page (node.js) starts with a simple example

var http = require('http');
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
  res.end('Hello World\n');
}).listen(1337, '');
console.log('Server running at');

To run the server, put the code into a file example.js and execute it with the node program from the command line:

% node example.js
Server running at

It's pretty easy to knock up an almost identical example in Erlang - using any of the well-known web
servers in the background, unfortunately this has not been done, or if it has been done
it's not easy to find the examples (or if there are examples I can't find them)

I was vaguely thinking of making some examples that are more-or-less isomorphic to the
node.js examples and then applying small transformation steps to turn then from idiomatic node.js code to idiomatic Erlang code.

Although I could find a simple hello world example in node.js I could not find a tutorial that
started with a simple example and then built on it in very small steps adding routing, authentication,
database access and so on.

Does anybody know of some examples of node.js that could be used for this.



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