[erlang-questions] Is lhttpc project alive?

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Wed Jun 11 01:20:02 CEST 2014

Hi, I'm in charge of dlhttpc, and also wrote a fork of lhttpc. These are
stable projects that only cared about getting basic GET/POST requests
working, with specific pools when what you need is really intensive
low-latency requests to a limited set of hosts.

My variations of lhttpc/dlhttpc have been in use in large-ish high
performance clusters where multiple thousands of requests would be sent
per second to a known set of endpoints, and that's what they'll be best
used for.

Their pooling mechanisms might not be adequate for more general use, but
would be able to act as a replacement with a limited amount of changes
if you're doing what it was built for.


On 06/11, Danil Zagoskin wrote:
> Hi!
> The project https://github.com/esl/lhttpc seems to be abandoned (many open
> issues including 17.0 compatibility, almost no activity since January 2013).
> There are some forks: some do simple fixes and some (rymir, jbothma) do
> heavy refactoring.
> Is any of forks the new default?
> Is https://github.com/ferd/dlhttpc production-ready drop-in replacement?
> I've found a bug in original lhttpc causing manager (and thus all new
> requests) to block but I don't know where to report it.
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