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Hi Zachary,

One thing we did a number of years ago at the Triangle Erlang meetup was to
make a "game of telephone":

Everyone starts a distributed Erlang node and connects to someone next to
them. They each write a registered process that takes a message, prints it
to the console, adds their node name to it, and passes it to the next
person. When the originator receives its own message, it prints it out and
doesn't forward.

I think it's nice exercise because it teaches about the basics of message
passing between processes, constructing protocols, and standing up clusters
of Erlang nodes. One thing that was fun (and instructive) at that meetup is
that one participant changed his process to forward a different data
structure, causing the chain to be disrupted and some people's processes to
crash. One could extend the exercise to encompass more messaging patterns
like scatter-gather, etc (see the thread from this spring for ideas).

On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 3:37 AM, Zachary Kessin <zkessin@REDACTED> wrote:

>  It appears that Erlang Factory light Beer Sheva is going to be pretty
> small, so we are going to turn it into a hackathon. I am hoping that we can
> get some Erlang (and other FP) pros and some students together and have a
> good day making new contacts and such.
> In light of Garretts talk at EUC and much of the conversation about how we
> could make the erlang onramp a bit easier I thought it might be a good idea
> to come up with some project ideas to offer at the hackathon.
> Please note these should be something that 3-4 students should be able to
> get a good start on in 1 day.
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