[erlang-questions] Projects for a Hackathon

Zachary Kessin zkessin@REDACTED
Sun Jul 13 10:37:09 CEST 2014

It appears that Erlang Factory light Beer Sheva is going to be pretty 
small, so we are going to turn it into a hackathon. I am hoping that we 
can get some Erlang (and other FP) pros and some students together and 
have a good day making new contacts and such.

In light of Garretts talk at EUC and much of the conversation about how 
we could make the erlang onramp a bit easier I thought it might be a 
good idea to come up with some project ideas to offer at the hackathon.

Please note these should be something that 3-4 students should be able 
to get a good start on in 1 day.

Zachary Kessin
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