[erlang-questions] Distribution: small packets

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie@REDACTED
Wed Jul 9 05:30:52 CEST 2014

Danil Zagoskin <z@REDACTED> wrote:

dz> If yes, how can I change this behavior by cost of couple of
dz> millisecods latency?

Hi, Danil.  Have you tried the configuration setting mentioned in the
4th paragraph of the Description of
http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/inet.html ?

    Using the Kernel configuration parameters mentioned above, one can
    set default options for all TCP sockets on a node. This should be
    used with care, but options like {delay_send,true} might be
    specified in this way. An example of starting an Erlang node with
    all sockets using delayed send could look like this:

        $ erl -sname test -kernel \
            inet_default_connect_options '[{delay_send,true}]' \
            inet_default_listen_options '[{delay_send,true}]'

Note that 'sndbuf' and 'recbuf' can be set this way also.


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