[erlang-questions] Breaking backwards compatibility in Release 17.0-rc2

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Fri Feb 28 21:59:49 CET 2014

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 6:10 PM, Andrew Thompson <> wrote:

> What about simply having one major release where both are valid, then
> one release where it is deprecated and then after that remove it.  For
> projects which support the 'last two major versions', which seems to be
> the sanest way, that would allow them to migrate.
Are you referring to unicode source files? This is almost exactly how it is
handled: R16 made it possible to have utf8 encoded sources, but latin1 was
default; 17.0 makes utf8 the default; 18.0 will probably deprecate latin1
support and I suppose latin1 support will stop in 19.0. Or maybe it will
stop in 18.0 already, given that the unicode support will be complete (even

I think the only big problem is when a project uses third party libraries
that would need to be recompiled. Sometimes the source for the older
versions might even not be available.


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