[erlang-questions] infrequent socket_closed_remotely errors with httpc

Magnus Mueller magnus.mueller@REDACTED
Thu Feb 20 14:31:36 CET 2014


We are struggling with a hard-to-reproduce problem with httpc were we sometimes encounter `{error,socket_closed_remotely}` when querying our simple webserver. Sometimes this happens with yaws as well.

The error happens very infrequently and is thus hard to reproduce. Both the webserver and httpc run in the same VM (which might be the cause of the problem). Interestingly, the problem is more likely to occur if the system is under cpu-heavy load, e.g. when using stress[1]:

    stress --cpu 6

Did anybody of you encounter similar problems? We are running out of ideas and I could not yet come up with a small example to reproduce the issue.


[1] https://web.archive.org/web/20130520190152/http://weather.ou.edu/~apw/projects/stress/ , the original website seems to be down.

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