[erlang-questions] disconnected nodes

Ignas Vyšniauskas baliulia@REDACTED
Tue Feb 18 15:09:47 CET 2014

Hi again,

Thanks for the response.

On 02/17/2014 11:23 AM, Ahmed Omar wrote:
> The reason for the later incidents, was usually high traffic between
>  the nodes. That traffic could cause distribution buffer to reach
> limits and suspend processes trying to communicate with other
> processes on other nodes.
> (http://erlang.org/doc/man/erlang.html#system_info_dist_buf_busy_limit)
> One quick work around for that would be to increase the limit using
> +zdbbl flag on startup. A more permanent solution would be to look
> into the traffic between the nodes and optimise there.

By high traffic do you mean amount of messages or actual volume?

AFAIK, +zdbbl is more of a possible cure for volume and battling things
like TCP incast. However, in our case the network utilization does not
go over ~20%, so I don't think TCP incast is playing role here. The
number of messages is quite large, though.

I bumped it to 32MB in any case,  can't hurt.


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