[erlang-questions] What problem are we trying to solve here? [was Erland users group [was re: languages in use? [was: Time for OTP to be Renamed?]]]

Garrett Smith <>
Mon Feb 17 23:21:53 CET 2014

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 4:19 PM, Mark Allen <> wrote:
> On 2/17/14 1:51 PM, "Vixo" <> wrote:
>>My suggestion would be a manifest file of Erlang terms at the root level
>>of a GitHub page (they will *all* be on GitHub) that can be polled and
>>turned into a static site. The logical thing to do would be combine thus
>>with the revived erldocs site IMHO (as I have said to Francesco)
> I love this idea. I'm going to give this a think and maybe implement a
> prototype to do some testing of how it works.
> Thanks!  Sometimes yak shaving discussions are kind of awesome.

Does this require that all of github be crawled?

Would a github based index make sense? Complete with a liberal pull
request policy?

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