[erlang-questions] [erlide] user poll: supported versions

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Mon Feb 17 12:24:32 CET 2014

Hi all!

This is a question for all erlide users (but not only for them).

Erlide uses Erlang as a backend and we try to use the same policy as OTP
when it comes to older versions: the current major version plus the two
most recent ones. When R17 is released, this means R16  and R15.

Until now, it was possible to only have R14 installed and run erlide on it.
The problem that I discovered is that in order to provide full support for
unicode, I need to use erl_scan from R16+, which can't be compiled for R15
because it contains unicode.

My question is: would it be a problem to require that erlide itself must
run on R16 or newer? Projects can still be based on earlier releases. This
will require in the worst case that you install R16 alongside your other

For most people this is a non-issue, but in some environments one doesn't
have full freedom.

best regards,
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