[erlang-questions] languages in use? [was: Time for OTP to be Renamed?]

Miles Fidelman <>
Sun Feb 16 19:10:44 CET 2014

Joe Armstrong wrote:
> I (and expect other people who are active in the Erlang community) get 
> a lot of requests for help:
> Roughly - they fall into two categories:
> a) I'm thinking of using Erlang but I need to persuade my boss - do 
> you have any marketing material?
> b) I'm *using* erlang - I have this particular problem. Can you help?
> Who do you think I help?
> To requests of type a) I think - "Google" this has been asked many 
> times before - go Google.
> It's not difficult to find marketing material on the net. If you type

Really good point.  FYI, I just did this a few minutes ago (spurred by 
this thread).  Found some REALLY good stuff from the 2012 Game 
Developers Conference (talk about the right audience):
Google: gdc erlang
or: gdc erlang wooga
Particularly of note:

> Class b) questions are far more interesting - especially when they 
> pose problems
> that are *difficult* to solve in Erlang since these point to areas 
> where we might be able to
> improve the language.
> So what should I do?
> 1) Help people who have already decided to use Erlang to prove that 
> the choice was correct, or
> 2) Try to get new people.
> Right now I choose to do 1) directly and 2) indirectly by giving 
> lectures and writing books.
Sounds right to me.

Miles Fidelman

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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