[erlang-questions] languages in use? [was: Time for OTP to be Renamed?]

Valentin Micic <>
Sun Feb 16 00:25:36 CET 2014

> Nobody knows Erlang. Perception matters very little, people talking about it is what matters.

Matters to whom?
Let's not forget that we're talking about just a programming language and nothing more (ok, with an amazing run-time system, but still…)

As a general principle, people buy software to solve problems. More often than not, they buy it from the people they can trust to be able to solve these problems.
If these problems can be solved by Oracle, Microsoft and/or Google, they will opt to solve them that way (and hordes of consultants will ensure that -- not much we can do about it).
However, once they realize (rarely as it may be) that problems cannot be solved through these avenues, they will look for alternatives.

At this point, it matters very little which programming language one uses in order to solve the problem, for as long as problems get solved -- well, assuming that problem is of such a nature that it outweighs any fashionable risk-scaremongering usually resulting in "no one gets fired for buying IBM" mentality, and that you can ensure enough of knowledge transfer to eliminate run-over-by-the-bus syndrome (a.k.a. reputable vendor).

It seems to me that any organization that is in a business of problem solving by means of software, eventually outgrow its alignment with problems related to its customer base, and start increasingly worrying more about their own problems (IPO, revenue growth, etc.)
After all, Microsoft et al. do not like to be told how to run your business, and that creates an opportunity for people that do. 

Even if you program in Klingon.

Kind reagards


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