[erlang-questions] Time for OTP to be Renamed?

José Valim <>
Fri Feb 14 16:01:30 CET 2014

> Obviously you don't understand the nature of supply and demand curves.
>  (Check out the demand and prices for Cobol programmers these days, or
> analog engineers.  For that matter, check out the demand for folks who
> understand microwaves - as soon as computer clock speeds started going up,
> there was a huge demand for folks who understood waveguide phenomenon -
> which had practically become a dead art; and then along came cell phones
> and WiFi).

Cobol expertise and analog engineers are examples of skills that *were* on
demand in the past. When I was at university, there was a running joke that
if you want to be well paid, you should specialize in Fortran. That's not
the case with Erlang.

Instead there is a demand for *skills*. So while you are focusing that
scarcity is good for the *current developers*, it is not good for the
language nor the community because people with skills will move
*elsewhere*. They will move to places where there are jobs and the jobs pay

Just ask how many of the people subscribed to this very mailing list that
are actually working with Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, etc in their day jobs.
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