[erlang-questions] Controversial subject of the day: tabs and spaces for indentation

Bengt Kleberg <>
Thu Feb 6 14:59:07 CET 2014


If you are driven insane when I write that my opinions are my opinions, and you are sufficiently angered to write me about it when I do not make such a claim, I do not see how I can make you happy.
I will go back to how I used to do it before.

Sorry to say I do not understand how your statement "indention in Erlang is not fixed" rules out using tabs for indention. Can tabs only be used when indention is fixed? Fixed to what?

From: Anthony Ramine []
Sent: Thursday, 06 February 2014 1:47 PM
To: Bengt Kleberg
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Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] Controversial subject of the day: tabs and spaces for indentation

We can’t use tabs for indentation in Erlang because indentation in Erlang is not fixed.

I’m now out of this debate because this constant « These are my opinions, not facts. » is driving me insane.

Anthony Ramine

Le 6 févr. 2014 à 13:43, Bengt Kleberg <> a écrit :

> Greetings,
> These are my opinions, not facts.
> It is strange that you hate tabs when it is the tools that are doing it
> wrong. Please try to not kill the messenger...
> bengt
> On Thu, 2014-02-06 at 13:29 +0100, Anthony Ramine wrote:
>> I hate tabs because tools without settings, and default settings of most historical tools, render tabs with 8 spaces. Thus this is the de facto standard.
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