[erlang-questions] Any advice to a Java webhost company about Erlang hosting?

Michael Turner <>
Wed Feb 5 12:22:41 CET 2014

I've need Java hosting. Legacy code in some cases, Unobtainium in
Erlang for others.

I've got Java hosting. I like the guy who does it. He's been doing it
a long time. He's good at it. He's responsive. But he's hurting
because of cloud services. He needs a new angle.

I google on Erlang hosting. First link: somebody asking "where are the
Erlang hosts?" Answer: sorry.


... followed by a couple of recommendations to my host's competition
for VPS and whatever.

It looks like there's still a need to be filled - snap-together Erlang
hosting - and some people looking for their next move in web hosting.
This might be it. I guess in the case of Java web hosts, Erjang would
be a place to start. Any suggestions?

I can't exactly make a career of this at the moment, it's just an
idea, but if it could eventually help somebody, and help get me
Erlang's advantages ....

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