[erlang-questions] What lib to use for http requests

Tuncer Ayaz tuncer.ayaz@REDACTED
Tue Dec 16 18:20:30 CET 2014

On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 10:10 PM, Loic Hoguin wrote:

> The "httpc gets confused under load" bug has popped up for at least
> two years. I am not sure as to why nobody sent a patch for it (other
> than it being quite hard to replicate outside production), but I can
> tell you why

Having an easy to reproduce test would increase the likelyhood of
someone fixing it, assuming the user being able to reproduce is not
able to submit a patch.

> Cowboy and erlang.mk exist. I moved from rebar to erlang.mk because
> of two issues that can never be fixed in rebar: "hot" compilation
> speed, and self-contained dependencies (aka don't use top-level
> rebar to compile everything, because some dependencies expect a
> particular version of rebar).

It's off-topic, but as you mentioned here, I'll respond:

Naturally rebar does a lot more than invoking 'erl -make', but I'd
like to encourage anyone who found .erl compiltion to be too slow to
try out a newer version, as there have been big performance fixes.

Regarding some dep strictly requiring a certain rebar version, I can
say that it's something which should not happen, and if it does, it's
most likely a regression. If you know of any, I'd appreciate more
information in a different thread (this list, github ticket, or rebar

> Perhaps it is fine as it is (though that bug being fixed eventually
> would still be nice). OTP libs don't have to try to be the ultimate
> "everything you'll ever need", just provide the bare minimum for a
> useful system. (I would say they provide way too many libs right
> now, but http[cd] are fine.)

But features that are provided should be free of known bugs.

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