[erlang-questions] Tuple Matching Question

Santosh Kumar santosh79@REDACTED
Tue Dec 9 19:08:46 CET 2014

I just had a question on pattern matching in tuples. Is it possible to
perform Head and Tail extraction on a Tuple as I would on a list.

So for example, something like so:

{H|T} = {a,b,c}.

And I expect H to be {a} and T to be {b,c}. I know this works on Lists,
just trying to get it to work on Tuples.

The reason I ask is, I am working my way through Joe Armstrong's book and
one of his exercise is implementing a tuple_to_list function and my
approach was as follows:

my_tuple_to_list(T) -> my_tuple_to_list_acc(T, []).
my_tuple_to_list_acc({}, Acc)    -> Acc;
my_tuple_to_list_acc({H,T}, Acc) -> my_tuple_to_list_acc(T, [H|Acc]).

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