[erlang-questions] how to get ssl communication between nodes - windows erlsrv script

Wes James comptekki@REDACTED
Tue Feb 12 22:11:12 CET 2013

I was able to get ssl communication between nodes on linux.  Here is a
windows .cmd script for installing erlsrv with ssl communication:

@rem sample erlang install service script
@rem - add then start ecom erlang service
@rem - if it already exists, stop then remove first before adding and

@set erl_service=my_service
@erlsrv list %erl_service% | @findstr /i "%erl_service%"
@if errorlevel 1 goto install
@rem echo Stopping and removing erl service...
@erlsrv remove "%erl_service%"

@set module=-s my_module
@set onfail=-onfail restart
@set node=-name node_name
@set root=-w "C:/path"
@set srvc_name=-i my_service
@set boot=-boot c:/path/start_ssl_ecom -proto_dist inet_tls -ssl_dist_opt
server_certfile c:/path/ssl/cert.pem -ssl_dist_opt server_keyfile
c:/path/ssl/key.pem -ssl_dist_opt server_secure_renegotiate true
client_secure_renegotiate true
@set cookie=-setcookie my_cookie
@set args=-args "%boot% %cookie% %module%"

@rem echo Adding erl service...
@erlsrv add "%erl_service%" %node% %root% %onfail% %args%  %srvc_name%
@rem echo Starting erl service...
@erlsrv start %erl_service%

Now if I can figure out why it's not picking up the .erlang.cookie from -w
path, I'll be able to remove the -setcookie option.  I've tried putting the
.erlang.cookie in a lot of different places to see if it gets read - no
dice yet.  I have been able to get .erlang.cookie created in my windows
profile c:/users/username when I run erl -name, but not yet with erlsrv.

I'm excited to get ssl working.  I have wanted it working for
https://github.com/comptekki/esysman so I can send commands encrypted and
not in the clear.

Thanks to all that have contributed to my questions about this!

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